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Campbell Wilson

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Campbell Wilson
Born/Date of Birthday: 1971
Place of Birth: Christchurch, New Zealand
Education: University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Occupation: CEO and MD, Air India

Campbell Wilson is the current chief executive officer and managing director of Air India. He was previously the chief executive officer of Singaporean low-cost airline, Scoot. He was appointed the founding member of the airline on 18 July 2011. Before his appointment, he worked for the SIA group for more than 15 years in countries like Japan, Canada, and Hong Kong. He left Scoot in June 2016 and he is now appointed as the acting senior vice president of sales and marketing for Singapore Airlines. He was once again brought back as the CEO on 1 April 2020. On 12 May 2022, he was appointed as the CEO & MD of Air India.

Singapore Airlines
Campbell joined Singapore Airlines in Auckland in 1996 and was appointed vice-president of the airlines' operation in Canada in 2006. 2 years later, he was appointed general manager of Hong Kong and then of Japan operations in 2010.

In June 2016, Campbell left Scoot. He is now the senior vice president of sales and marketing for Singapore Airlines.

Campbell took the position in 2011 and was quoted as saying 'my immediate task is to establish a strong management team and we will be actively recruiting to fill senior positions'. On 1 November 2011, Campbell officially unveiled the new airline.

Campbell left Scoot in June 2016. Later he returned as the CEO of Scoot in April 2020.

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