Dharambir Singh

Constituency: Bhiwani-Mahendragarh

Date of Birthday: 05 Mar 1955
Place of Birth: Talu, Bhiwani, Haryana
Political party: Bharatiya Janata Party
Educational Qualifications: B.A.
Educated at: Kurukshetra University
Profession: Farmer, Social Service
Marital Status: Married
Date of Marriage: 11 Dec 1982
Spouse's Name: Smt. Manju Devi
No. of Sons: 2
No.of Daughters: 2
Parents: Shri Bhalle Ram, Smt. Phoolpati
Permanent Address: H. No. 200/B, Vidyanagar, Meham Road, Bhiwani-127 021, Haryana.

Dharambir Singh (b 1955) is an Indian politician and a member of Lok Sabha from Bhiwani-Mahendragarh (Lok Sabha constituency), Haryana. He won the 2014 and 2019 Indian general elections, being a Bharatiya Janata Party member.

During his political career, he is famous for defeating the 3 generations of Bansi Lal family. He has also lost many elections against members of that family. He defeated Bansi Lal from Tosham (Vidhan Sabha constituency) as a Lok Dal candidate in 1987, then he defeated his son, Surender from Tosham in 2000 as a member of Congress, and later Bansi Lal's grand daughter (Surender's daughter) Shruti Choudhry from Bhiwani-Mahendragarh (Lok Sabha constituency) as a member of BJP in 2014 and 2019.

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