Kirit Premjibhai Solanki

Kirit Premjibhai Solanki
Constituency: Ahmedabad West

Born/Date of Birthday: 17 June 1950
Place of Birth: Kamboi, Gujarat, India
Nationality: Indian
Political party: Bharatiya Janata Party
Educational Qualifications: M.B.B.S., M.S. and F.I.C.S.
Educated at: (i) Smt. N.H.L. Municipal Medical College and K.M. School of Post Graduate Medicine and Research, Sheth V.S. General Hospital, Ahmedabad; (ii) B.J. Medical College and Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad; and (iii) Fellow of International College of Surgeon
Profession: Medical Practitioner, Social Worker, Professor, Consultant Surgeon, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon, Agriculturist, Writer
Marital Status: Married
Date of Marriage: 07 May 1971
Spouse(s): Mrs. Manjula Solanki
No. of Sons: 1
No.of Daughters: 1
Parent(s): Mr. Premjibhai Solanki, Mrs. Shantaben Solanki
Committees: Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Standing Committee - Finance
Awards: Dr. B. C. Roy Award (Socio Medical relief) 2017, Shreshth Sansad Award by Fame India 2019, Shreshth Sansad Award by Fame India 2018 (Asia Post Survey)
Permanent Address: Chirag Bungalow, 11, Kirtan Society, Ranip Cross Road, Opposite Ambedkar Foundation, Ahmedabad-382480, Gujarat

Kirit Premjibhai Solanki (b 1950) is an Indian Politician and medical practitioner (laparoscopic surgeon) who has been elected Member of Parliament of India for three consecutive terms (15th, 16th and 17th Lok Sabha). He represents the Ahmedabad West constituency of Gujarat and is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party political party. Currently, he has been appointed as the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on the Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. He is also part of the panel of chairpersons who preside over the House in the absence of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker. He is one of the most active members in the parliament and had nearly 100% attendance in the 15th and 16th Lok Sabha. He has been awarded the Shreshth Sansad Award consecutively twice in 2018 and 2019 for his active work in the parliament and constituency.

Early life and education
Kirit Solanki was born in village Kamboi, Gujarat. He is a doctor by profession and holds MBBS, MS and FICS degrees. Before joining politics, he worked as a professor of surgery for almost 38 years. He also served as the elected President of the Gujarat State Surgeons Association for the year 2011-2012.

Educated at:

  1. Smt. N.H.L. Municipal Medial College, Ahmedabad
  2. B.J. Medical College and Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad; and
  3. Fellow of International College of Surgeon

Political career and Election results

Kirit Solanki, is the first elected Member of Parliament from the Ahmedabad West constituency. This constituency was earlier a part of Ahmedabad constituency and came into existence in 2008 as a part of the implementation of delimitation of parliamentary constituencies.

Parliamentary activity
Dr. Solanki has been an active parliamentarian with a high attendance of 97% when the National Average is 80%. He has participated in 333 debates of the Parliament when the National Average is 67.1. He has also asked 416 questions and proposed 37 Private Member's Bills. He is very much interested in private member bills and as he ranks as the second highest to raise the private member's bills in the Parliament. Dr. Solanki has raised some vital issues in Parliament regarding his constituency Ahmadabad West and issues affecting the people of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST), healthcare, education and other important national issues etc.

He actively participates in debates with respect to health care sector in India and often shares his rich personal experience as a doctor.

Debates Participated:

  • Welfare of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes
  • Illegal immigration of Bangladeshis
  • Need for research on thalassemia gene therapy
  • Health care issues of tribal
  • Rising mob lynching incidents
  • Ill behavior meted to people from the north-eastern states

Key Private Member Bills:

  • The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Amendment Bill 2018
  • The Right to Play Sports Bill 2018
  • The Compulsory Mental Healthcare Counselling Facilities in Government Schools Bill, 2016
  • The Tuberculosis (Prevention and Control) Bill 2017
  • The National Witness Protection Bill 2016
  • Rainwater (Harvesting and Storage) Bill 2016

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