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Utsav Chakraborty
Born/Date of Birth: 1985
Place of Birth: India
Nationality: India
Citizenship: India
Occupation: Comedian, Actor, Writer
Styles: Internet troll, Parody
Organization: Huffington Post India, All India Bakchod(AIB)
Known for: @SatanBhagat, Stand Up Comedy
Home town: Kolkata
Television: Queens Vs Kings (Discovery Asia-Pacific)
Challenge Accepted (Comedy Central India)
Utsav Chakraborty is an indian comedian, writerand actor. He has performed stand-up, written comedy, and acted in sketches and shows.

Chakraborty gained online popularity, in 2012, for operating a Chetan Bhagat troll account called @SatanBhagat on Twitter. He started performing stand-up comedy across India. He was briefly employed as HuffPost India's Trends Editor, for three months in 2015 and later on went on to work as a staff writer at All India Bakchod (AIB.) He has since written for television shows and performed sketches with contemporary Indian comedians. As an actor, and performer, he was known for his frequent collaborations with All India Bakchod (AIB) on comedy sketches and branded content.

Between 2016 and 2018, Chakraborty acted in numerous projects that included branded content, reality television, and comedy sketches. He acted in Behti Naak (running nose), a dark-comedy YouTube series (created by Sumukhi Suresh,) and was a recurring cast member in the first two seasons of, mockumentary web-series, Better Life Foundation. During the first half of 2017 he worked as a writer on the second season of Son of Abish—Abish Matthew's YouTube talk show. The following year, Chakraborty was a participant on TLC's comedy reality-TV show (Queens Vs Kings) in April, and Comedy Central India's Impractical Jokers spinoff (Challenge Accepted). He also hosted a YouTube segment for VICE about Indian Men's Rights Activists.

In October 2018, a number of unverified allegations of sexual impropriety surfaced on Twitter claiming Chakraborty had allegedly sent unsolicited explicit messages to multiple women. Chakraborty initially apologized for his transgressions. He remained inactive since the unverified allegations surfaced for one year. In November 2019, a leaked audio clip surfaced in which Chakraborty challenged the authenticity of the allegations and claimed the unverified allegations effectively destroyed his career, maligned his reputation and made him suicidal.

Chakraborty's stand up is irreverent in nature, a comedic style he cultivated since operating @SatanBhagat. He leveraged his online fame into open-mic spots and writing gigs for comedy sketches and television. He has since won multiple open mics and gigged across India.

In October 2018, Chakraborty was publicly accused of soliciting nudes by multiple anonymous accounts after an accusation was levied against him by Mahima Kukreja. Kukreja alleged that Chakraborty sent her an unsolicited explicit photo. This unverified, and public, call-out became the genesis of the second wave of the Indian #MeToo movement.

Chakraborty initially apologized and his actions prompted an apology from All India Bakchod (AIB). AIB apologized for continuing to work with him after Tanmay Bhat, the chief executive officer at the time, had received “specific, detailed allegations” of sexual harassment against Chakraborty prior to the public call-out. Eight months later, aided by a separate allegation against a co-founder surfaced, AIB fired its staff, and halted production of its YouTube channel, after a majority of brands decided to not work with them.


“Someday, maybe, I’ll talk about what transpired in detail. It was not at all as cut and dry as it was presented to the world. But in the interim, I just hope to not be an absolute dingbat now or in the future — if I get to have one, that is.”
— Utsav Chakraborty

As a result of allegations of sexual misconduct against him, All India Bakchod delisted the videos he worked on from their YouTube channel. AIB's show, On Air With AIB, was cancelled in its third season (compounded by allegations against another co-founder) and some of his work from Queens Vs Kings has also been removed from YouTube, while other projects he worked on remain online.

One year later, in October 2019, Chakraborty said he has few friends left and would like to be in therapy but couldn't afford it because he is not working. “I haven’t worked or seen a paycheck since last October,” he said. He said the media was irresponsible by exaggerating the accounts relating to his case without any verification or investigations into the allegation.

One year after the initial allegations of sexual impropriety surfaced against Chakraborty, on 21 November 2019 a leaked audio clip of a conversation between Chakraborty, Kukreja and her sister was uploaded to YouTube. The conversation, broken into two uploads, happened one month after the initial allegations were made public. In it, Chakraborty can be heard listening to Kukreja and her sister, who identified herself as a lawyer, discuss potential legal remedies as Chakraborty planned to provide evidence that would disprove her accounts of the incident.

Chakraborty claimed Kukreja didn't verify any allegations of impropriety sent to her. In response to claims of malicious intent against her, Kukreja penned a statement in Firstpost calling Chaktraborty's claims a, "planned and orchestrated PR-led campaign [that] has been led to malign me [Kukreja], the women who spoke up, and the #MeToo movement itself." She said the leaked audio and screenshots of their previous chats were misleading, false, and claimed the audio was doctored. Chakraborty has since called the allegations against him "fabricated."

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