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Flag of Ohio

Name: The Ohio burgee
Use: Civil and state flag
Proportion: 8:13
Adopted: May 9, 1902; 116 years ago
Design: Guidon consisting of 5 horizontal stripes alternating between red and white. The chevron is azure containing a white and red "O" and 17 white stars.
Designed by: John Eisenmann
The Ohio Burgee is the official flag of the U.S. state of Ohio. Ohio's swallowtail flag is the only non-rectangular U.S. state flag. Its red, white, and blue elements symbolize the state's natural features and order of admission into the Union. A prominent disc in the flag's triangular canton is suggestive of the state's name.

The flag was designed in 1901 by John Eisenmann for the Pan-American Exposition and adopted in 1902. Before that, for nearly a century after statehood, Ohio did not have a legally authorized state flag. One unsuccessful proposal called for a design based on the state seal.

Ohio has adopted an official salute to the flag and the official folding procedure gives it 17 folds. The Ohio flag has influenced a number of logos and municipal flags within the state. A scarlet-colored gubernatorial flag is based on the state seal.

State of Ohio
Flag of Ohio State seal of Ohio
Flag Seal
The Buckeye State;
Birthplace of Aviation; The Heart of It All
Motto(s): With God, all things are possible (1959)
State song(s): "Beautiful Ohio (1969)
Hang On Sloopy (1985)
Map of the United States with Ohio highlighted
Official language De jure: None
De facto: English
Spoken languages English 93.3%
Spanish 2.2%
Other 4.5%
Demonym Ohioan; Buckeye (colloq.)
(and largest city)
Largest metro Greater Cincinnati
Greater Columbus
(see footnotes)
Area Ranked 34th
• Total 44,825 sq mi
(116,096 km2)
• Width 220 miles (355 km)
• Length 220 miles (355 km)
• % water 8.7
• Latitude 38° 24′ N to 41° 59′ N
• Longitude 80° 31′ W to 84° 49′ W
Population Ranked 7th
• Total 11,689,442 (2018)
• Density 282/sq mi (109/km2)
Ranked 10th
• Median household income $54,021 (36th)
• Highest point Campbell Hill
1,549 ft (472 m)
• Mean 850 ft (260 m)
• Lowest point Ohio River at Indiana border
455 ft (139 m)
Admitted to the Union March 1, 1803 (17th,
declared retroactively on
August 7, 1953
Governor Mike DeWine (R)
Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted (R)
Legislature General Assembly
• Upper house Senate
• Lower house House of Representatives
U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown (D)
Rob Portman (R)
U.S. House delegation 12 Republicans
4 Democrats (list)
Time zone Eastern: UTC -5/-4
ISO 3166 US-OH
Abbreviations OH
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