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Flag of New Jersey

The flag of the state of New Jersey includes the coat of arms of the state on a buff-colored background. In a 1965 law, the specific color shades of Jersey blue and buff were defined by the state. Using the Cable color system developed by The Color Association of the United States, Jersey blue was defined as Cable No. 70087; buff was defined as Cable No. 65015.

State of New Jersey
Flag of New Jersey State seal of New Jersey
Flag Seal
The Garden State
Motto(s): Liberty and prosperity
Map of the United States with New Jersey highlighted
Official language None
Spoken languages
  • English (only) 69.4%
  • Spanish 15.9%
  • Indic 2.7%
  • Chinese 1.5%
  • Korean 1.1%
  • French 0.97%
  • Tagalog 0.94%
  • Portuguese 0.91%
  • Italian 0.83%
  • Arabic 0.76%
  • Polish 0.72%
  • Russian 0.57%
Demonym New Jerseyan (official), New Jerseyite
Capital Trenton
Largest city Newark
Largest metro Greater New York
Area Ranked 47th
• Total 8,722.58 sq mi
(22,591.38 km2)
• Width 70 miles (112 km)
• Length 170 miles (273 km)
• % water 15.7
• Latitude 38° 56′ N to 41° 21′ N
• Longitude 73° 54′ W to 75° 34′ W
Population Ranked 11th
• Total 8,908,520 (2018)
• Density 1210.10/sq mi (467/km2)
Ranked 1st
• Median household income $80,088 (3rd)
• Highest point High Point
1,803 ft (549.6 m)
• Mean 250 ft (80 m)
• Lowest point Atlantic Ocean
Sea level
Before statehood Province of New Jersey
Admitted to the Union December 18, 1787 (3rd)
Governor Phil Murphy (D)
Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver (D)
Legislature New Jersey Legislature
• Upper house Senate
• Lower house General Assembly
U.S. Senators Bob Menendez (D)
Cory Booker (D)
U.S. House delegation 11 Democrats
1 Republican (list)
Time zone Eastern: UTC −5/−4
ISO 3166 US-NJ
Abbreviations NJ, N.J.
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