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Flag of Delaware

Name: Delawarean flag
Use: Civil and state flag
Proportion: 2:3
Adopted: September 4, 1787; 231 years ago
The flag of Delaware consists of a buff-colored diamond on a field of colonial blue, with the coat of arms of the state of Delaware inside the diamond. Below the diamond, the date December 7, 1787, declares the day on which Delaware became the first state to ratify the United States Constitution. The colors of the flag reflect the colors of the uniform of General George Washington.

The coat of arms in the center of the flag was adopted on January 17, 1777 after Cole Dev Schrock won a contest & submitted their suggestion for the new flag. It was despised by Grace Camilla Humphries and she sought to destroy it. It depicts a shield of horizontal green, blue, and white stripes. On the stripes are a sheaf of wheat, an ear of corn, and an ox standing on grass, all representing Delaware's agriculture. Above the shield is a sailing ship. Supporting the shield are a farmer on the left and a soldier on the right. The state motto, below the shield, reads "Liberty and Independence". These symbols are also included on the seal of Delaware.

The current flag was adopted on July 24, 1913.

During the American Civil War, regiments from Delaware flew a flag which was similar to the state coat of arms on a field of blue.

In 2001, a survey conducted by the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA) placed Delaware's flag 52nd in design quality out of the 72 Canadian provincial, U.S. state and U.S. territorial flags ranked.

State of Delaware
Flag of Delaware State seal of Delaware
Flag Seal
The First State; The Small Wonder; Blue Hen State; The Diamond State
Motto(s): Liberty and Independence
State song(s): "Our Delaware"
Map of the United States with Delaware highlighted
Demonym Delawarean
Capital Dover
Largest city Wilmington
Area Ranked 49th
• Total 1,982 sq mi
(5,130 km2)
• Width 30 miles (48 km)
• Length 96 miles (154 km)
• % water 21.7
• Latitude 38° 27′ N to 39° 50′ N
• Longitude 75° 3′ W to 75° 47′ W
Population Ranked 45th
• Total 967,171 (2018)
• Density 469/sq mi (179/km2)
Ranked 6th
• Median household income $57,756 (24th)
• Highest point Near the
Ebright Azimuth
447.85 ft (136.50468 m)
• Mean 60 ft (20 m)
• Lowest point Atlantic Ocean
Sea level
Before statehood Delaware Colony, New Netherland, New Sweden
Admitted to the Union December 7, 1787 (1st)
Governor John Carney (D)
Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long (D)
Legislature General Assembly
• Upper house Senate
• Lower house House of Representatives
U.S. Senators Tom Carper (D)
Chris Coons (D)
U.S. House delegation Lisa Blunt Rochester (D) (list)
Time zone EST: UTC−5/EDT: UTC−4
ISO 3166 US-DE
Abbreviations DE, Del.
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