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Flag of Zimbabwe

Use: National flag and ensign
Proportion: 1:2
Adopted: 18 April 1980
Design: seven horizontal stripes of green, yellow, red, black, red, yellow and green with a black-edged white isosceles triangle base on the hoist side bearing a Zimbabwe bird superimposed on a red five-pointed star.

The national flag of Zimbabwe consists of seven even horizontal stripes of green, gold, red and black with a white triangle containing a red 5-pointed star with a Zimbabwe Bird. The present design was adopted on 18 April 1980, when Zimbabwe won its independence from the United Kingdom. The soapstone bird featured on the flag represents a statuette of a bird found at the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. The bird symbolises the history of Zimbabwe; the red star beneath it officially stands for the nation's aspirations but is commonly thought to symbolise socialism, and the revolutionary struggle for freedom and peace. The design is based on the flag of Zimbabwe's ruling party, the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front.

Republic of Zimbabwe
Flag of Zimbabwe
Coat of arms
Motto: "Unity, Freedom, Work"
"Blessed be the land of Zimbabwe"
Location of Zimbabwe (dark blue) in the African Union (light blue)
Location of Zimbabwe (dark blue)

in the African Union (light blue)

and largest city
17°50′S 31°3′E / 17.833°S 31.050°E / -17.833; 31.050
Official languages 16 languages:
  • Chewa
  • Chibarwe
  • English
  • Kalanga
  • "Koisan" (presumably Tsoa)
  • Nambya
  • Ndau
  • Ndebele
  • Shangani
  • Shona
  • "sign language"
  • Sotho
  • Tonga
  • Tswana
  • Venda
  • Xhosa
Ethnic groups
  • 99.4% Black African (over 80% Shona; Ndebele are largest minority)
  • 0.2% White African
  • 0.4% others, including Coloured and Indian
Demonym(s) Zimbabwean
Zimbo (colloquial)
Government Unitary presidential republic
• President
Emmerson Mnangagwa
• Vice Presidents
Constantino Chiwenga
Kembo Mohadi
Legislature Parliament
• Upper house
• Lower house
House of Assembly
Independencefrom the United Kingdom
• Declared
11 November 1965
• Republic
2 March 1970
• Zimbabwe Rhodesia
1 June 1979
• Republic of Zimbabwe
18 April 1980
• Current constitution
15 May 2013
• Total
390,757 km2 (150,872 sq mi) (60th)
• Water (%)
• 2016 estimate
16,150,362 (73rd)
• 2012 census
• Density
26/km2 (67.3/sq mi) (170th)
GDP (PPP) 2019 estimate
• Total
$41.031 billion
• Per capita
GDP (nominal) 2019 estimate
• Total
$22.290 billion
• Per capita
Gini (1995) 50.1
HDI (2017) Increase 0.535
low · 156th
Currency United States dollar (official for government), South African rand, and many other currenciesa, e.g. Botswana pula (P), euro (€), Chinese renminbi (¥), Indian rupees (₹), pound sterling (£), Australian dollars (A$). Zimbabwean bond coins are used as a proxy for US dollar and cent coins. Zimbabwean bond notes for 2 and 5 dollars were introduced in 2016 at par value of the US dollar.
Time zone UTC+2 (CAT)
Driving side left
Calling code +263
ISO 3166 code ZW
Internet TLD .zw
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