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Flag of Tuvalu

Use: National flag and ensign
Proportion: 1:2
Adopted: 11 April 1997
Design: A Light Blue Ensign with the Map of the Island of nine yellow five-pointed stars on the outer half of the flag.

The current flag of Tuvalu was instated when the country became independent in 1978, after the separation from the Gilbert Islands in 1976.

Flag of Tuvalu
Coat of arms
Motto: "Tuvalu mo te Atua" (Tuvaluan)
"Tuvalu for the Almighty"
Anthem: Tuvalu mo te Atua (Tuvaluan)
Tuvalu for the Almighty

Royal anthem: God Save the Queen
Location of Tuvalu
and largest city
8°31′S 179°12′E / 8.517°S 179.200°E / -8.517; 179.200
Official languages
  • English
  • Tuvaluan
Ethnic groups
  • 96% Polynesian
  • 4% Micronesian
Church of Tuvalu
Demonym(s) Tuvaluan
Government Unitary non-partisan parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Elizabeth II
• Governor-General
Iakoba Italeli
• Prime Minister
Enele Sopoaga
Legislature Parliament
• from the United Kingdom
1 October 1978
• Total
26 km2 (10 sq mi) (192nd)
• Water (%)
• 2017 census
11,192 (196th)
• Density
475.88/km2 (1,232.5/sq mi) (27th)
GDP (PPP) 2016 estimate
• Total
$39 million (226th)
• Per capita
$3,566 (156th)
GDP (nominal) 2016 estimate
• Total
$32 million (194th)
• Per capita
$2,970[1] (118th)
  • Tuvaluan dollar
  • Australian dollar
Time zone UTC+12
Driving side left
Calling code +688
ISO 3166 code TV
Internet TLD .tv
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