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Flag of Suriname

Use: National flag and ensign
Proportion: 2:3
Adopted: 25 November 1975
Design: A horizontal triband of green (top and bottom) and red (double width) with large white border with the large yellow five-pointed star centered on the red band.
Designed by: Jack Pinas
The flag of Suriname is formed by five horizontal bands of green (top, double width), white, red (quadruple width), white, and green (double width). There is a large, yellow, five-pointed star centered in the red band.

The flag was adopted on November 25, 1975, upon the independence of Suriname. The star represents the unity of all ethnic groups, the red stripe stands for progress and love, the green for hope and fertility, and the white bands for peace and justice.

Republic of Suriname

Republiek Suriname (Dutch)
Flag of Suriname
Coat of arms
Motto: "Justitia – Pietas – Fides" (Latin)
"Justice – Piety – Trust"
Gerechtigheid – Vroomheid – Vertrouwen (Dutch)
Anthem: God zij met ons Suriname (Dutch)
God be with our Suriname
Location of Suriname (dark green) in South America (grey)
Location of Suriname (dark green)

in South America (grey)

Location of Suriname
and largest city
5°50′N 55°10′W / 5.833°N 55.167°W / 5.833; -55.167
Official languages Dutch
Recognised regional languages
Other languages
Ethnic groups
  • 27.4% Indian
  • 21.7% Maroon
  • 15.7% Creole
  • 13.7% Javanese
  • 13.4% Mixed
  • 3.8% Indigenous Amerindian
  • 1.5% Chinese
  • 1% European
  • 1.8% Others
  • 48.4% Christian
  • 22.3% Hindu
  • 13.9% Muslim
  • 1.8% Winti
  • 0.8% Kejawèn
  • 2.1% Other
    (incl. Indigenous Amerindian beliefs, Jewish, Buddhist, Bahá'í)
  • 7.5% None
  • 3.2% Not stated
Demonym(s) Surinamese
Government Unitary parliamentary republic
• President
Dési Bouterse
• Vice President
Ashwin Adhin
Legislature National Assembly
• constituent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands
15 December 1954
• from the Kingdom of the Netherlands
25 November 1975
• Current constitution
30 September 1987
• Total
163,821 km2 (63,252 sq mi) (90th)
• Water (%)
• July 2016 estimate
558,368 (166th)
• 2012 census
• Density
2.9/km2 (7.5/sq mi) (231st)
GDP (PPP) 2019 estimate
• Total
$9.044 billion
• Per capita
GDP (nominal) 2019 estimate
• Total
$4.110 billion
• Per capita
HDI (2017) Steady 0.720
high · 100th
Currency Surinamese dollar (SRD)
Time zone UTC-3 (SRT)
Driving side left
Calling code +597
ISO 3166 code SR
Internet TLD .sr
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