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Flag of Sri Lanka

Name: Lion Flag
Sinha Flag
Use: Civil and state flag, civil ensign
Proportion: 1:2
Adopted: 22 May 1972
Design: A yellow field with two panels: the smaller hoist-side panel has only two vertical bands of green and saffron and the larger fly-side panel is the maroon field depicting the golden lion holding the kastane sword in its right fore paw in the center and four bo leaves on each corner and the yellow field appears as a border around the entire flag and extends in between the two panels, all bordering together.

The flag of Sri Lanka (Sinhala: ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ජාතික කොඩිය, translit. Śrī Laṃkāvē jāthika kodiya; Tamil: இலங்கையின் தேசியக்கொடி, translit. Ilankaiyin teciyakkoṭi, Kannada: ಶ್ರೀಲಂಕದ ಬಾವುಟ) also called the Lion Flag or Sinha Flag, consists of a gold lion holding a kastane sword in its right fore-paw in a maroon background with four gold bo leaves in each corner. This is bordered by gold, and to its left are two vertical stripes of equal size in green and orange, with the orange stripe closest to the lion. The lion and the maroon background represent the Sinhalese, while the saffron border and four Bo leaves represent Buddhism and the four Buddhist concepts of Mettā, Karuṇā, Muditā and Upeskhā respectively. The stripes represent the two main minorities: the orange representing the Sri Lankan Tamils and the green representing Muslims.

It was adopted in 1948 following the recommendations of a committee appointed by the 1st Prime Minister of Ceylon, D.S. Senanayake.

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

  • ශ්‍රී ලංකා ප්‍රජාතාන්ත්‍රික සමාජවාදී ජනරජය (Sinhala)
  • Srī Lankā prajātāntrika samājavādī janarajaya
  • இலங்கை ஜனநாயக சோசலிச குடியரசு (Tamil)
  • Ilaṅkai jaṉanāyaka sōsalisa kuṭiyarasu
Flag of Sri Lanka
Anthem: "Sri Lanka Matha"
(English: "Mother Sri Lanka")
Location of Sri Lanka
Location of Sri Lanka
Capital Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
6°56′N 79°52′E / 6.933°N 79.867°E / 6.933; 79.867
Largest city Colombo
Official languages Sinhala
Recognised languages English
Ethnic groups
74.9% Sinhalese
11.2% Sri Lankan Tamils
9.2% Sri Lankan Moors
4.2% Indian Tamils
0.5% Others (incl. Burghers, Malays, Veddas, Chinese, Africans)
70.2% Buddhism
12.6% Hinduism
9.7% Islam
7.4% Christianity
0.1% Other/None
Demonym(s) Sri Lankan
Government Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
• President
Maithripala Sirisena
• Prime Minister
Ranil Wickremesinghe
• Speaker of the Parliament
Karu Jayasuriya
• Chief Justice
Nalin Perera
Legislature Parliament
from the United Kingdom
• Dominion
4 February 1948
• Republic
22 May 1972
Current constitution
7 September 1978
• Total
65,610 km2 (25,330 sq mi) (120th)
• Water (%)
• 2018 estimate
21,670,000 (57th)
• 2012 census
20,277,597 (57th)
• Density
327/km2 (846.9/sq mi) (43rd)
GDP (PPP) 2018 estimate
• Total
$292.793 billion (61st)
• Per capita
$13,500 (91st)
GDP (nominal) 2018 estimate
• Total
$92.504 billion (66th)
• Per capita
$4,265 (109th)
Gini (2016) 39.8
HDI (2017) Increase 0.770
high · 76th
Currency Sri Lankan rupee (LKR)
Time zone UTC+5:30 (SLST)
Date format
  • dd-mm-yyyy
  • yyyy-mm-dd
Driving side left
Calling code +94
ISO 3166 code LK
Internet TLD
  • .lk
  • .ලංකා
  • .இலங்கை
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