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Flag of Slovakia

Use: National flag
Proportion: 2:3
Adopted: 3 September 1992; 26 years ago
Design: A horizontal tricolor of white, blue, and red; charged with a shield containing a white cross is placed at the hoist side
Designed by: Ladislav Čisárik
Ladislav Vrtel

The current form of the national flag of Slovakia (Slovak: Vlajka Slovenska) was adopted by Slovakia's Constitution, which came into force on 3 September 1992. The flag, in common with other Slavic nations, uses the colors white, blue, and red.

Slovakia's flag in its current form (but with another coat of arms on it or without any arms) can be dated back to the revolutionary year 1848. It was also used semi-officially in Czechoslovakia before World War II, by the Slovak Republic during World War II.

In 1990, the Interior Ministry tasked Ladislav Čisárik, a painter and heraldic artist, and Ladislav Vrtel, an expert in heraldry, with creating a new coat of arms and national flag. Čisárik and Vrtel based their designs for a modern coat of arms and flag on an existing 14th Century coat of arms. However, Čisárik and Vrtel chose to enlarge the double cross three times to emphasize it as a national symbol. In addition to the national coat of arms and the national flag, the duo also designed a new presidential standard, which incorporates the double cross as well.

The new flag was finally adopted (initially without Čisárik's and Vrtel's coat of arms) on 1 March 1990 as the flag of the Slovak Republic within Czechoslovakia. The coat of arms was added on 3 September 1992 and a special law describing the details of the flag followed in February 1993.

Since the Slovak flag without the coat of arms is identical to the current flag of the Russian Federation, and can also be compared to the modern flag of Slovenia, the Constitution of Slovakia added the national coat of arms in September 1992.

Slovenská republika (Slovak)
Flag of Slovakia
Coat of arms
Anthem: "Nad Tatrou sa blýska"
(English: "Lightning Over the Tatras")
Location of Slovakia (dark green) – in Europe (green & dark grey) – in the European Union (green)  –  [Legend]
Location of Slovakia (dark green)

– in Europe (green & dark grey)
– in the European Union (green) – [Legend]

Location of Slovakia in the world
Location of Slovakia in the world
and largest city
48°09′N 17°07′E / 48.150°N 17.117°E / 48.150; 17.117
Official languages Slovak
Ethnic groups
  • 80.7% Slovaks
  • 8.5% Hungarians
  • 2.0% Roma
  • 0.6% Czechs
  • 0.6% Rusyns
  • 0.1% Ukrainians
  • 0.1% Germans
  • 0.1% Poles
  • 0.1% Moravians
  • 7.2% Unspecified
Demonym(s) Slovak
Government Unitary parliamentary republic
• President
Andrej Kiska
• Prime Minister
Peter Pellegrini
Legislature National Council
from Austria–Hungary
(as part of Czechoslovakia)
28 October 1918
• autonomous Land of Slovakia [cs] (within Second Czechoslovak Republic)
23 November 1938
• First Slovak Republic (client state of Nazi Germany)
14 March 1939
• Slovak Socialist Republic (within Czechoslovak Federation)
1 January 1969
Slovak Republic (change of name within Czechoslovak Federation)
1 March 1990
from Czechoslovakia
1 January 1993
Joined the European Union
1 May 2004
• Total
49,035 km2 (18,933 sq mi) (127th)
• Water (%)
• 2018 estimate
Increase 5,450,421 (116th)
• 2011 census
• Density
111/km2 (287.5/sq mi) (88th)
GDP (PPP) 2019 estimate
• Total
$203.244 billion (68th)
• Per capita
$37,268 (38th)
GDP (nominal) 2019 estimate
• Total
$112.333 billion (61st)
• Per capita
$20,598 (41st)
Gini (2017) Positive decrease 23.2
low · 8th
HDI (2017) Increase 0.855
very high · 38th
Currency Euro (€) (EUR)
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)
• Summer (DST)
Driving side right
Calling code +421
Patron saint Saints Cyril and Methodius
Our Lady of Sorrows
ISO 3166 code SK
Internet TLD .sk and .eu
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