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Flag of Palau

Use: Civil and state flag, civil and state ensign
Proportion: 5:8
Adopted: 1 January 1981
Design: A light blue field with the large yellow disk shifted slightly to the hoist-side of center.
Designed by: Blau J. Skebong
The flag of Palau was adopted on 1 January 1981, when the island group separated from the United Nations Trust Territory. As with the flags of several other Pacific island groups, blue is the colour used to represent the ocean and the nation's place within it. While this puts Palau in common with the Federated States of Micronesia and other neighboring island groups, the disc on the flag (similar to that on Japan's flag) is off-centre like that of the flag of Bangladesh, but in this case represents the moon instead of the sun. The current flag was introduced in 1981 when Palau became a republic.

Previously, the flag of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands was flown jointly with the United Nations and American flags. The flag's very simple design belies the depth of meaning attributed to it. The explanation for the choice of colours is rooted in the history and customs of the Palauan people. The bright blue of the field symbolizes the Pacific Ocean, and also represents the transition from foreign domination to self-government. The golden disk, which sits slightly off-centre toward the hoist, represents the full moon. The Palauans consider the full moon to be the optimum time for human activity. At this time of the month, celebrations, fishing, sowing, harvesting, tree-felling, and the carving of traditional canoes are carried out. The moon is a symbol of peace, love, and tranquility.

Japanese international relations professor Futaranosuke Nagoshi has suggested that the Palauan flag pays tribute to the Rising Sun Flag of Japan and symbolizes amity between Palau and Japan. Former Palauan President Kuniwo Nakamura responded to this theory in an interview with the ambiguous statement, "That's one way of putting it." John Blau Skebong, the designer of the flag, denied such allegation, saying there is no special connection between two flags.

Republic of Palau

  • Beluu er a Belau (Palauan)
  • パラオ共和国 (Japanese)
Flag of Palau
Anthem: Belau rekid
Our Palau
Location of Palau
Location of Palau
Status Sovereign state in free association with the United States
Capital Ngerulmud
7°30′N 134°37′E / 7.500°N 134.617°E / 7.500; 134.617
Largest city Koror
7°20′N 134°29′E / 7.333°N 134.483°E / 7.333; 134.483
Official languages
  • English
  • Palauan
  • Japanese
  • Sonsorolese
  • Tobian
Ethnic groups
  • 72.5% Palauan
  • 1% Carolinian
  • 2.4% Other Micronesian
  • 16.3% Filipinos
  • 1.6% Chinese
  • 1.6% Vietnamese
  • 3.4% Other Asian
  • 0.9% White
  • 0.3% Other
Demonym(s) Palauan
Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic under a non-partisan democracy
• President
Tommy Remengesau
• Vice President
Raynold Oilouch
• Senate President
Hokkons Baules
• House Speaker
Sabino Anastacio
• Chief Justice
Arthur Ngiraklsong
• Chairman of Council of Chiefs
Ibedul Yutaka Gibbons
Legislature Olbiil era Kelulau
• Upper house
• Lower house
House of Delegates
from the United States
• Trusteeship
18 July 1947
• Constitution
2 April 1979
• Compact of Free Association
1 October 1994
• Total
459 km2 (177 sq mi) (180th)
• Water (%)
• 2016 estimate
21,503 (224th)
• 2013 census
• Density
46.7/km2 (121.0/sq mi)
GDP (PPP) 2018 estimate
• Total
$300 million
• Per capita
$16,296 (81st)
GDP (nominal) 2018 estimate
• Total
$321 million
• Per capita
HDI (2017) Steady 0.798
high · 61st
Currency United States dollar (USD)
Time zone UTC+9
• Summer (DST)
UTC+9 (not observed)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Driving side right
Calling code +680
ISO 3166 code PW
Internet TLD .pw
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