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Flag of Niue

Use: Civil and state flag
Adopted: 15 October 1975
Design: A golden yellow flag with the Union Jack in the upper left (hoist) quarter of the flag. On the Union Jack are two yellow five-pointed stars on the vertical stripe and two on the horizontal stripe. In the centre of the Union Jack is a blue disc with another, slightly larger, yellow five-pointed star.
The flag of Niue was adopted on 15 October 1975. It consists of the Union Jack in the upper left corner with a star in the middle of the Union Jack and four stars forming a diamond around it. It is very unusual for a flag based on a British ensign design, in having not only a yellow background, but also a defaced Union Jack in the canton.

From the Niue Flag Act 1975: "The Niue National Flag shall be a golden yellow flag, bearing on the upper canton of the hoist thereof the Union Flag, commonly known as the Union Jack, displaying 2 five-pointed yellow stars on the vertical line and on the horizontal line thereof separated by a blue disc containing a larger five-pointed yellow star."

The symbolism represented by the flag is described in the Act. The Union Jack symbolises the protection granted by the United Kingdom in 1900 after petitioning by the Kings and Chiefs of Niue. The yellow field symbolizes "the bright sunshine of Niue and the warm feelings of the Niuean people towards New Zealand and her people." The association with New Zealand, which took over responsibility and administration of Niue in 1901, is also represented by the four small stars that depict the Southern Cross. Finally, the blue disc containing a larger star represents the deep blue sea surrounding the self-governing island of Niue.


Niuē (Niuean)
Flag of Niue
Seal of Niue
Anthem: Ko e Iki he Lagi(Niuean)
The Lord in Heaven
Location of Niue
The location of Niue in the West Pacific
The location of Niue in the West Pacific
and largest village
19°03′14″S 169°55′12″W / 19.05389°S 169.92000°W / -19.05389; -169.92000
Official languages
  • English
  • Niuean
Demonym(s) Niuean
Government Unitary parliamentary
constitutional monarchy
under a non-partisan democracy
• Monarch
Elizabeth II
Governor General
Dame Patricia Reddy
• Premier
Toke Talagi
Legislature Niue Assembly
Associated state of New Zealand
• Self-government in free association with New Zealand
19 October 1974
• Independence in foreign relations recognised by the UN
• Total
261.46 km2 (100.95 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2016 estimate
1,624 (231st)
• Density
5.35/km2 (13.9/sq mi) (n/a)
GDP (PPP) 2003 estimate
• Total
$10.0 million (228th)
• Per capita
$5,800 (164th)
Currency New Zealand dollar[a] (NZD)
Time zone UTC−11
Driving side left
Calling code +683
ISO 3166 code NU
Internet TLD .nu
  1. ^ The Niue dollar, pegged with the New Zealand dollar at par, is also official legal tender, although is mainly used for issuing collector's coins and does not circulate widely.
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