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Flag of The Netherlands

Name: Flag of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Use: National flag and ensign
Proportion: 2:3 (not formalised by law)
Adopted: 1575 (first full color depiction)
1596 (red replacement for orange)
1937 (red reaffirmed)
1949 (colors standardized)
Design: A horizontal triband of red (bright vermilion), white, and cobalt blue

The flag of the Netherlands (Dutch: vlag van Nederland) is a horizontal tricolour of red, white, and blue. The current design originates as a variant of the late 16th century orange-white-blue Prinsenvlag ("Prince's Flag"), evolving in the early 17th century as the red-white-blue Statenvlag ("States Flag"), the naval flag of the States-General of the Dutch Republic, making the Dutch flag perhaps the oldest tricolour flag in continuous use. It has inspired the seminal Russian and French flags. During the economic crisis of 1930s the old Prince's Flag with the colour orange gained some popularity among some people. To end the confusion, the colours red, white and blue and its official status as the national flag of the Kingdom of the Netherlands were reaffirmed by royal decree on 19 February 1937.

Nederland (Dutch)
Flag of the Netherlands
Coat of arms
Motto: 'Je maintiendrai' (French)
'Ik zal handhaven' (Dutch)
'I will uphold'
Anthem: 'Wilhelmus' (Dutch)
Location of the European Netherlands (dark green) – in Europe (green & dark grey) – in the European Union (green)
Location of the European Netherlands (dark green)

– in Europe (green & dark grey)
– in the European Union (green)

Location of the Dutch special municipalities (green)
Location of the Dutch special municipalities (green)
and largest city
52°22′N 4°53′E / 52.367°N 4.883°E / 52.367; 4.883
Government seat The Hague
Official languages Dutch
Official regional languages
  • West Frisian
  • Papiamento
  • English
Recognised regional languages
  • Limburgish
  • Dutch Low Saxon
Ethnic groups
  • 77.39% Dutch
  • 9.88% Other Europeans
  • 2.34% Turks
  • 2.29% Moroccans
  • 2.13% Indonesians and other Moluccans
  • 2.05% Surinamese
  • 0.90% Dutch Caribbeans
  • 0.23% Other Americans
  • 2.80% Other
  • 50% No religion
  • 44% Christianity
  • 5% Islam
  • 1% Other
Demonym(s) Dutch
Sovereign state Kingdom of the Netherlands
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
• Prime Minister
Mark Rutte (VVD)
• Deputy Prime Ministers
Hugo de Jonge (CDA)
Kajsa Ollongren (D66)
Carola Schouten (CU)
• Vice President of the Council of State
Thom de Graaf (D66)
Legislature States General
• Upper house
• Lower house
House of Representatives
Independencefrom Spain
• Proclaimed
26 July 1581
• Recognised
30 January 1648
• Kingdom established
16 March 1815
• Liberation Day
5 May 1945
• Admitted to the United Nations
10 December 1945
• Constituent country
15 December 1954
• Incorporation of the Caribbean Netherlands
10 October 2010
• Total
41,543 km2 (16,040 sq mi) (131st)
• Water (%)
• 2019 estimate
17,308,133 Increase (66th)
• Density
417/km2 (1,080.0/sq mi) (30th)
GDP (PPP) 2019 estimate
• Total
$1.004 trillion (28th)
• Per capita
$58,255 (13th)
GDP (nominal) 2019 estimate
• Total
$914 billion (17th)
• Per capita
$53,016 (13th)
Gini (2017) Negative increase 27.1
low · 15th
HDI (2017) Increase 0.931
very high · 10th
  • Euro (€) (EUR)
  • US dollar ($) (USD) (in Caribbean
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)
• Summer (DST)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Driving side right
Calling code
  • +31
  • +599
ISO 3166 code NL
Internet TLD
  • .nl
  • .bq
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