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Flag of Iraq

Use: National flag and ensign
Proportion: 2:3
Adopted: 31 July 1963 (original version)
22 January 2008 (current version)
Design: A horizontal tricolour of red, white, and black, charged with the takbīr (Allahu akbar, "God is [the] greatest") in green Kufic script, centered on the white stripe.
The flag of Iraq (Arabic: علم العراق‎) includes the three equal horizontal red, white, and black stripes of the Arab Liberation flag.

This basic tricolor has been in use since its adoption on 31 July 1963, with several changes to the green symbols in the central white stripes; the most recent version adopted on 22 January 2008 bears the takbīr rendered in dark green.

Interpretation of the colors

Scheme Textile colour
Red The Hashemite dynasty, bloody struggle for freedom.
White The Umayyad dynasty, bright and peaceful future.
Green The Fatimid dynasty, the takbīr (the phrase Allahu akbar, meaning "God is great" in Arabic)
Black The Abbasid dynasty,

Colours scheme

Valid for iraqi flags 1963-present.

Red White Green Black
RGB 206/17/38 255/255/255 0/122/61 0/0/0
Hexadecimal #ce1126ff #FFFFFF #007a3dff #000000ff
CMYK 0/92/82/19 0/0/0/0 100/0/50/52 0/0/0/100
Republic of Iraq

جمهورية العراق (Arabic)

کۆماری عێراق (Sorani Kurdish)

Komara Îraqê (Kurmanji Kurdish)

Flag of Iraq
Coat of arms
Motto: الله أكبر (Arabic)
"Allahu Akbar" (transliteration)
"God is the Greatest"
Anthem: "Mawtini"
(English: "My Homeland")
Location of Iraq
Location of Iraq
and largest city
33°20′N 44°23′E / 33.333°N 44.383°E / 33.333; 44.383
Official languages
  • Arabic
  • Kurdish
Demonym(s) Iraqi
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
• President
Barham Salih
• Vice Presidents
Nouri al-Maliki
Osama al-Nujaifi
Ayad Alawi
• Prime Minister
Adil Abdul-Mahdi
• Speaker of the Council of Representatives
Mohamed al-Halbousi
• Chief Justice
Medhat al-Mahmoud
Legislature Majlis
• Ancient Mesopotamia
4000 B.C - 539 B.C
• Abbasid Caliphate
750 AD - 1258 AD
• British Mandate of Mesopotamia
25 April 1920
• Kingdom
3 October 1932
• Republic declared
14 July 1958
• Current constitution
15 October 2005
• Total
437,072 km2 (168,754 sq mi) (58th)
• Water (%)
• 2016 estimate
37,202,572 (36th)
• Density
82.7/km2 (214.2/sq mi) (125th)
GDP (PPP) 2019 estimate
• Total
$733.926 billion (34th)
• Per capita
$17,952 (76th)
GDP (nominal) 2019 estimate
• Total
$250.070 billion (48th)
• Per capita
$6,116 (97th)
Gini (2012) 29.5
HDI (2017) Increase 0.685
medium · 120th
Currency Iraqi dinar (IQD)
Time zone UTC+3 (AST)
Driving side right
Calling code +964
ISO 3166 code IQ
Internet TLD .iq
  1. Constitution of Iraq, Article 4 (1st).
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