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Flag of Grenada

Use: National flag
Proportion: 3:5
Adopted: 7 February 1974
Design: A large rectangle with the large red border around it with six Gold five-pointed stars with three centred on the top border and three centred on the bottom border divided into four triangles of Gold (top and bottom) and green (hoist-side and fly-side) with the red disk superimposed at the centre bearing the Gold five-pointed star and the nutmeg pod on the hoist-side of the triangle.
Designed by: Anthony C. George

Variant flag of Grenada
Variant flag of Grenada

Use: Civil and state ensign
Proportion: 1:2

Variant flag of Grenada

Use: Naval ensign
Proportion: 1:2
The national flag of Grenada was adopted upon independence from the United Kingdom, 7 February 1974. The flag was designed by Anthony C. George of Soubise in Saint Andrew Parish. The civil ensign is the same, except for a 1:2 rather than 3:5 ratio. The naval ensign is based on the British White Ensign, with this flag in the canton (and extending into the cross).

The six stars in the red border represent the country's six parishes, with the middle star, encircled by a red disk, representing Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The symbol in the hoist represents a clove of nutmeg, one of the principal crops of Grenada. It also represents a link to Grenada's former name, which was the "Isle of Spice". The red colour of the flag stands for courage and vitality, gold for wisdom and warmth, and green for vegetation and agriculture.

Flag of Grenada
Coat of arms
Motto: "Ever Conscious of God We Aspire, Build and Advance as One People"
Anthem: Hail Grenada

Royal anthem: God Save the Queen
Map indicating the location of Grenada in the Lesser Antilles
Map indicating the location of Grenada in the Lesser Antilles
and largest city
St. George's
12°03′N 61°45′W / 12.050°N 61.750°W / 12.050; -61.750
Official languages


Recognised regional languages Grenadian Creole English
Grenadian Creole French
Ethnic groups

82% African

13% Mixed

2% East Indian

1% Other

1% Unspecified (includes indigenous)

Demonym(s) Grenadian
Government Unitary two-party parliamentary system under a constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Elizabeth II
• Governor-General
Cécile La Grenade
• Prime Minister
Keith Mitchell
Legislature Parliament
• Upper house
• Lower house
House of Representatives
• Associated State
3 March 1967
Independence from the United Kingdom
7 February 1974
• Grenadian Revolution
13 March 1979
• Constitution Restoration
4 December 1984
• Total
348.5 km2 (134.6 sq mi) (185th)
• Water (%)
• 2016 estimate
107,317 (185th)
• Density
318.58/km2 (825.1/sq mi) (45th)
GDP (PPP) 2019 estimate
• Total
$1.801 billion
• Per capita
GDP (nominal) 2019 estimate
• Total
$1.249 billion
• Per capita
HDI (2017) Increase 0.772
high · 75th
Currency East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Time zone UTC−4
Driving side left
Calling code +1-473
ISO 3166 code GD
Internet TLD .gd
  1. Plus trace of Arawak / Carib.
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